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The EON Wealth Process

All solutions starts with a plan!

Eon Wealth Management takes a measured approach in our meetings.

  1.  The Introductory Meeting
    1. This meeting is the most important one for us.  It is where we get to know you and your family.  We get to understand what is important to you.  We learn of your goals, achievements and lifestyle.
    2. We also get to understand your investment time frame, risk tolerance and understanding of your investments.
    3. You get to learn all the EON Wealth Management has to offer and how it can help you achieve the success you strive for.
    4. You will see that we have a team approach, openly communicating how we develop a plan, implement that plan and monitor the plan.
  2. The Fact Finding Meeting
    1. We work together to find out all your life and financial goals, time frames of the goals, and also sort them in order of importance.
    2. We look at your assets and debt you have now, classify the weaknesses and strenghts of these assets.
    3. We develop the fundementals of a plan.
  3. The Implementation meeting
    1. EON Wealth Management will recommend a plan, a financial road map, that will guide you through your financial travels of life.
    2. The strategies recommended are individual to you and your family
    3. We will plan to put you in a situation for success, while also steering you clear of life's potholes along the way when we can.
    4. Education is key!  We strive to educate you on the plan and all products installed to support this plan.  You will know exactly what we are trying to achieve, how we are going to achieve success, and why the decisions were made.
  4. The Review
    1. Ongoing education and review is fundamental to a successful relationship.  We will have years of working together, through many different market experiences.  There is not away to predict future outcome, but education on current and past outcomes allows you to stay with the long term plan during times of uncertainty.